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    Cruption in Police department

  • Rahul sain
    Rahul sain
    • Posted on December 7, 2017
    Cruption in Police department
    Dear friends, it's a very serious issues regarding cruption in police department.As we all know that in india before issue a passport police verification is necessary and not only for passport before joining any post in government department police verification is necessary but the issue is whenever this verification procesed policemen demands money for it .If you not pay then he will not process your file or he try to delay it so people are forced to pay them and it happened twice or thrice in each case of police verification first police officer then LIU officer and in case of verification for government job, money are demanded first at district police office then local police then LIU.Friends it's a serious issue in our society or you can imagine how huge amount are paid by commen men.In india every year 70 lacs passport are suppose only 1000 are paid to police and Liu then total amount in a year will be 14 thousand carors.Now imagine if we add all type of police verification into it how huge this amount will be ..So guys please raise your voice and share this post to every indian..
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