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    Aadhaar Card Bribe

  • Kamta Snha
    Kamta Snha
    • Posted on May 25, 2017
    Aadhaar Card Bribe
    If the Aadhaar card enrollment operator asked for money, what should I do?

    Yesterday I went for the Aadhar card, After completion of all procedure Of application officer not gave me enrollment receipt and then following conversation happened.

    Akhilesh Kumar(Enrollment Operator): you have to give 50 Rs.
    ME: for what, as far as I know aadhar card enrollment procudure is free?
    Akhilesh Kumar(Enrollment Operator): we are private franchises.
    ME: then give me money receipt also.
    Akhilesh Kumar(Enrollment Operator): we do not give receipt.
    ME: I am not going to give single rupee, as this is wrong.
    Operator to his colleague: you should have told in morning to this customer that we takes 50 rs.
    Other operator: did not say anything.
    ME: this is wrong.

    Person who bribe taken (AKHILESH KUMAR)
    And His Mo.8877894446

    Rural Development Department Bihar-1

    Emdee Digitronics Pvt.Ltd.

    Shekhopur Sarai Block,
    Shekhopur sarai,Sheikhpura, Sheikhpura,
    Shekhopur Sarai, Shekhopur Sarai,
    Bihar – 811103

    I did not pay anything and I came out. But he did not gave me enrollment receipt, not satisfied as they are looting poor people who does not know that, Aadhar card is free.

    It’s daily routine.

    If you want to check any time.


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