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    गुंडागर्दी दिल्ली कैंट बोर्ड

  • Sonu kumar
    Sonu kumar
    • Posted on August 24, 2017
    गुंडागर्दी दिल्ली कैंट बोर्ड
    I Dharmvir s/o Late Bhopat ram residence of CN461 living here for last 23 years.
    I have serviced in Indian Army for 18 years. I got retired in 2001 on Naik position from Indian Army.
    In 2005 there was political pressure and pressure from Delhi Cantonment board to give them amount of 1 lakh. I denaid to do so they demolished my 28 houses. The families which was staying in these houses they don't get any chance to take out there belongings. At that time the Delhi Cantonment didn't show any documents regarding demolition. The Delhi Cantonment Board told me that your two to three rooms would be demolished but due to pressure from MlA and local members they demolished the whole area. At that time they demolished only my house.

    But they left my 3 rooms.

    Now than try to drag them to court. I placed a file against them so that the people who were behind of this will get punished but the people who were behind of this they started frightening me to take the case back when I refused they told me that they will harm my family. Because of family I have to take it back.
    Around One year before the member of Board came to me and said that we are making a park here and your houses will be safe and remaining land will be occupied by me so that I can earn money from it. I don't have any objection because he was of higher post in Delhi Cantonment Board.
    So they started fancing the area earlier they gave a 2 foot way to go out or to in. But again the member they thought that if they demolished my houses than they can earn more money so they plan that they will not give any way so that they will no way to go they will left from here.
    But I denied and placed a file in Patyala court. The case came into court and the work was stopped the people who all were behind this were now was very angry. So they plan a new thing they gave notice not only me to lots of people who have homes near by me.

    On 21/8/2017 it's was a normal day I was sleeping in my house with my family and suddenly a force of people came to my house I was shocked to see that. Again the Delhi Cantonment Board members came and they said we will demolished your remaining 3 rooms when I asked them to tell me what is going on they said that we came here to demolished your house I asked for Legal letter but they refused to show me and they said that you have only 5 minutes to take all your belongings I told them it is impossible to take out in such a little time the force started taking out my belongings from it.
    I told them that you are doing it in wrong manner we have a hearing in court after the court hearing what ever court said we will do so. But they do not stopped and demolished my room.
    When I asked them beside my house tell me whose house you will demolished he said that the people who got noticed they said nothing.
    I told that I haven't got any noticed but they didn't stoped.
    It's was raining and the people they don't realised that after this demolition where will we go. I was living here for last 23 years and they just demolished it.
    After my house was demolished they were going I asked them what about the rest they said that you haven't paid me but others have paid me to leave there homes.
    My family have spent a whole night on road without any shelter.
    Please help me I m in big trouble only media can help me
    It's my request to you please help me

    Today they will come to fancing if fancing is done than nothing can be done
    Me and my family will die but fancing nahi hone denge
    Agar todna hai to sab ka Todde
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